Fast Start Training

Fast Track Manual, Jump Start and Fast Start will help you reach the "next level" of sales success!

Fast Track Manual

This activities-driven handbook is a roadmap for those new to the business and those reaching for the "next level" of sales success. Filled with sales-producing activities that help professionals stay focused and productive, it's available through our Sales Managers and the Education Department.


Jump Start

With one full-day orientation class, sales associates enhance their understanding of why Howard Hanna is the best place to build a successful, profitable real estate career. Offered 8-10 times a year, and open to new and transferring licensees.

  • You Only Open Once an overview of how to establish the right foundation for your business. Topics are explored in more depth in Fast Start
  • Make Marketing Work For You with advice on where, when and how much to invest in marketing yourself ­and how to piggy-back your personal marketing on the Howard Hanna brand, this class is an introduction to the company's exclusive programs and our GoHanna intranet
  • Image and Professionalism a closer look at the professional image you want to build and maintain, with protocols and opportunities in the industry and your local market
  • Ready, Set, Goal - business planning, time-blocking and goal-tending for real estate professionals

Fast Start

8 full days scheduled over 4 weeks; offered 4-5 times a year

Fast Start introduces the new associate to all aspects of the business of residential real estate - with an intense focus on prospecting, listing, and being able to speak comfortably and confidently about our programs for both buyers and sellers. Associates develop their business foundation while attending these sessions, enhancing their understanding and honing their ability to help clients reach their goals. At the end of Fast Start, our new associates are more mentally agile and learning-ready for the "deeper dive" into the topics covered in our Next Steps workshops and other classes that follow.